Private Treaty Sale - Eco Performance Pellets - Biomass Pellet & Torrefaction Process Plant

Private Treaty Sale

Client FRP Newcastle


Sale Type:

Private Treaty Sale




Gordon Brothers is pleased to announce the opportunity to purchase the assets from a company that uses wood waste and torrefaction, an innovative processing technique to create sustainable, high performance biomass pellets for commercial and domestic use.


The company has never traded and the assets available consist of plant and machinery in leasehold premises in the North of England.

The lease has a term of over nine years remaining with a rent review due in 2026. The landlord has indicated interest in a novation of the current lease or negotiations regarding a new lease for anyone looking to purchase the items in-situ.

Please note as this opportunity is for the tangible assets only, no trading results are available.

Sale Highlights

The principal assets available include:

• A transfer station incorporating various conveyors and dust collection units
• A 135 Kw radial fan unit and pulse jet filtration system
• Hammer Mills fitted with dust recovery system.
• Fabricated steel drying bins
• Pellet presses
• Vibratory pellet coolers
• The current lease or a license assignment to occupy to facilitate negotiations with the landlord for a new lease

A full asset register is available within our data room. All assets can operate as a stand-alone facility and/or secondary site.


All correspondence for this opportunity should be directed to FRP Newcastle as detailed below.

FRP Newcastle requests indicative proposals no later than 3 PM BST on September 28, 2021, with the view to complete the transaction within the shortest duration thereafter.

Further information can be obtained following completion of a non-disclosure agreement.

Viewing Date:
Strictly by Appointment

Bishop Auckland

Bidding Close Date:
Tuesday, September 28 2021


For further information, please contact:

David Swift
Tel: +44 7595 366 306 | E-mail:

Andrew Bilby
Tel: +44 7923 214 740 | E-mail:

Steven Ross
Tel: +44 7800 617 416 | E-mail: