A Nolzen Crankshaft Tempering/Annealing Facility

For Sale by Private Treaty


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Private Treaty Sale




The NOLZEN Facility was designed and built at the NOLZEN works located in Wuppertal, Germany during years 2016/2017. It was delivered to the United Kingdom During 2018.


The completed facility was inspected at the NOLZEN works during 2017 with a complete dry run taking place using dummy Crankshafts with buy off being completed followed by delivery to the customer. The facility is now surplus to requirement.


The application is for a four pin in line Crankshaft.

Asset Description

The facility is NOLZEN OEM state of the art construction and technology with the following base specification;

1 electric air circulation furnace PHUT 135/436/485(188) for three phase A.C current 400 Volt/N, 50 Hz. for temperatures from 150 to 260°C

Design of the air circulation furnace according to the paternoster principle, in which a continuous chain with a charge

Nolzen Crankshaft Tempering/Annealing Facility - For Sale by Private Treaty


Technical data: (approx.)

Heating part      
 Clear inner width:   1,300mm
 Clear inner length:   4,850mm
 Clear inner height:   4,460mm


Cooling part

Clear inner width:   1,300mm
Clear inner length:   1,880mm
Clear inner height:   3,900mm


Lower furnace section

Width: without chain drive   1,750mm
Length: OUTER EDGE, incl. transfers   8,795mm
Height:   2,000mm


Outer dimensions 

Width: OUTER EDGE   2,330mm
Length: OUTER EDGE   8,795mm
Height:   6,100mm


Charging height

to insert in C-hooks   1,050mm
to remove from C-hooks   1,050mm



Connection rates    
Heating zone   Group 1  (10 x 5.5 + 4 x 5.5 kW)    77.0 kW
Heating zone   Group 2  (  9 x 5.5 + 3 x 5.5 kW)    66.0 kW
Hold zone Group 3  (  8 x 2.2 + 3 x 2.2 kW)   24.2 kW
Hold zone Group 4  (  8 x 2.2 + 3 x 2.2 kW)    24.2 kW
Total connection rate  HEATING    191.4 kW


For circulation each 1.50 kW x 6 = 9.00 kW  (YY-switching)
For cooling each 0.55 kW x 4 = 2.20 kW  
Chain drive   1.10 kW  
Drive transfer intake each 0.37 kW x 2 = 0.74 kW  
  Total connection power  204.44 kW  


Technical Back Up

The assets are supported with a complete NOLZEN supplied technical package covering Installation software and instruction, mechanical and electrical drawings, setting and operating data and all maintenance and service support data.

Project Opportunity

The project presents good opportunity and is ideally suited for any forward-looking Crankshaft manufacturer that have requirement for tempering/annealing of Crankshafts of which dimensionally measure within the facility specification and parameters.

The facility is available for immediate inspection with engineers available to provide inspection assistance and more precise specification. Engineers are also available for making recommendation on retrofit procedure, specification and parameters should that be required by the prospective client.

View: Strictly by appointment only.

Location: Tamworth, United Kingdom.