Opportunity to acquire the business and assets of a UK contract electronics manufacturer serving a broad variety of industries

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Key Information:

  • On 4 May 2018, SMT Developments Limited was placed into Administration. The Joint Administrators now offer for sale either the share capital or the business and assets of the Company
  • The Company has invested heavily on automation and boasts production lines capable of placing a combined 30,000 components per hour, has automated through hole soldering technology, automated optical inspection machines, automated cleaning, robotic coating lines and x-ray technology. This technology not only allows the business to produce electronics-based products at a cost effective level, but also allows the business to operate at the high end of electronics assembly complexity including advanced controllers with micro components and power electronics assemblies.
  • The team includes engineers who also work cross disciplines for the full product assembly side of the business, integrating plastics, metal work, cables, packaging, software and test regimes in to products.
  • Typical batch sizes for SMT range from small batch prototypes through to batches of hundreds or thousands of pieces. The largest job currently run is mid-complexity and runs at a rate of 250,000 pieces per annum.
  • SMT’s unique qualities lie in the fact that the Company can compete with the breadth of disciplines offered along with the high technology levels of very large subcontract manufacturers, whilst maintaining a highly customised service offering. A key Company philosophy has been to work in partnership with clients to ensure a full understanding of their needs.
  • The Company is an ISO9001:2015 registered entity, has IPC trainers on site, employs six sigma and lean methodologies in working practices and is a member of the MAN group.

Company Assets:

  • Freehold Property
  • Plant & Machinery:
  • Goodwill
  • Stock

Summary of recent financial position and performance

£'000   FY16     FY17     FY18YTD 
Revenue    3,588   2,552   2,058 
Gross profit   1,549    1,195    977 
Gross margin    43.2%   46.8%    47.5% 
EBITDA    278   (160)  1
Net assets   601  203  -
Net current assets   152   159  -

For further information, please contact: 

James Acton | +44 (0)881 315 368

SMT Factory