Global Giveback 2018

Global Giveback provides employees the opportunity to donate their time in a bid to give back to the local communities in which we operate.

As part of our Global Giveback initiative the European team spent 2 days volunteering at London parks to help preserve the natural habitat that provide local communities with beautiful open spaces and woodland. 

Hammersmith Park was the site of our first volunteer day. It is located on the remains of an original Japanese garden designed for the Japan-British Exhibition in 1910. Whilst most of the original exhibition gardens have long since gone, the Japanese Garden of Peace remains intact and was restored in 2008. The morning was spent cutting the tops and levelling off overgrown bamboo trees, raking and collecting branches into white storage bags for collection and pruning tress of dead or hazardous branches. In the afternoon the group donned waders and headed into the pond armed with nets to clear algae from the surface and remove broken branches from the previous days storm. 

Our second volunteer group spent the day at Little Wormwood Scrubs, which has been a public park since 1886. The park is a site of Nature Conservation Importance. Firstly, the teams task was to scythe the summer meadow to help encourage the neutral grassland that supports a diverse number of invertebrates such as grasshoppers, butterflies and ants. The scything was manually intensive, after which the cut grass was raked up and removed for composting. On completion of the meadow, the team was then then tasked with cutting back vicious brambles to ensure pathways are kept clear for walkers and to stop the brambles from overtaking the area.

Both volunteer groups put 100% effort in to help the park rangers and in turn the local communities. This year’s volunteering efforts were organised by Hands On London, an intermediary working between not-for-profits, charities and community groups with those wanting to volunteer.