Global Giveback 2017

This year the Gordon Brothers’ London team supported Holland Park Conservation Area in its Global Giveback efforts. 

Holland Park is the Royal Borough’s largest park with 22.5 hectares of gardens, children’s play facilities, sports areas, a café, and large areas of woodland abundant with wildlife. Holland Park is also the base of the borough’s Ecology Centre. The Ecology Centre at Holland Park runs a series of events, activities and educational visits and workshops for schools. 

The volunteers had varying tasks to keep them busy, in support of the local families and schools within the borough that use the park’s facilities. In the commercial greenhouse, volunteers were tasked with splitting and re-planting bedding plugs that would grow over the winter, for planting out across South London in the spring. One team of volunteers learnt the delicate and hard task of scything the winter grass. This was undertaken by hand using traditional methods to ensure protection of the natural habitat.  

Another task saw volunteers remove nettles, crawlers and ivy from within the conservation area, a massive feat that required enormous energy. All the green waste was used to create a natural fence and habitat for wildlife. 

GB’s volunteering efforts were organised by 

Hands On London

, an intermediary working between not-for-profits, charities and community groups with those wanting to volunteer.