Global Giveback Day 2016

The team at Gordon Brothers in London gave their support to local charity Deen City Farm for the second consecutive year.

Established in 1978, Deen City Farm is a registered charity and one of the capital’s oldest community run farms, receiving over 500,000 visitors a year.
The farm runs an active volunteer scheme providing opportunities for local people, including those who are susceptible to social exclusion and those who want to gain hands-on work experience with animals, horticulture, retail and catering. 

The farm works closely with schools and community groups to provide tours, training and support as a part of their education programme, giving thousands of visitors the opportunity to get close to animals and nature, including the local residents of the farm, Kimby the alpaca, Basil the goat and Edna the owl. The dedicated team provides the best care and attention to over 150 animals that live on the farm. 

The GB team of volunteers were kept busy clearing the children’s playground area and nearby paths, making them safe and clean for visitors. This involved raking leaves and sweeping any dirt away. One of the main tasks of the day was replanting the spinach vegetable patch. The old spinach garden had become rotten and so the team spent hours digging up a new area in preparation for planting, meticulously making sure any old roots were dug up and disposed of. What spinach plants they could salvage were carefully transported and replanted in the new patch. It involved a lot of strenuous work and the GB team were more than happy to put their back into it and get their hands dirty.    
Global Give Back Day 2016 was a huge success thanks to our local planning teams and the enthusiastic participation of Gordon Brothers’ employees and partner organisations around the world.