Gordon Brothers Europe Returns to Shop Floor to Help Children’s Charity

Press Release

The teams worked for the day in the shops, sorting donated goods, restocking shelves and tidying storage areas. Gordon Brothers also designed and provided new signage for the shops, which has met with very positive feedback from customers and volunteers alike. In addition, Gordon Brothers donated a range of glassware, which became the ‘featured promotion’ at the front of all the shops.

Following the Charity Day, David Clegg from Gordon Brothers and Richard House Hospice’s Head of Retail, Mark O’Brien, discussed ways to generate further income for the shops, through a combination of best working practices and new revenue streams including stocking new products in addition to donated goods. Gordon Brothers invited Mark to visit a retail business that it currently manages in order to share strategic ideas and provide him with an introduction to suppliers for new products.

Commenting on the charity day, Mark O’Brien said: “This was a fantastic day for everyone and we really appreciate Gordon Brothers giving their time and expertise to really make a difference at our shops. From the sensitive and modest manner with which the team dealt with our staff and volunteers, to the fantastic quantity and quality of donated stock, and the great support after the event in helping develop the business, the legacy of the Gordon Brothers visit is still very evident in our stores. Thanks again for such a memorable and inspiring experience.”