Gordon Brothers Europe celebrates ten years

Press Release

The 10th anniversary celebration was used to say “Thank You” to clients past and present for their support in its first ten years of business and to highlight Gordon Brothers Europe’s vision for the future.

Most people are aware of Gordon Brothers’ expertise and capability in the areas of valuation and disposition – which will remain key elements of the company’s service offering – but, moving forward, Gordon Brothers Europe will support businesses through restructuring, with both financial and operational resource.

Speaking on the night, CEO Alex Brick highlighted that Gordon Brothers Europe will be taking its deep understanding of asset values and best business practices, along with its significant investment fund, to really enhance its proposition. Looking to the future, Gordon Brothers Europe plans to offer a full range of financial solutions around restructuring businesses.

It is Gordon Brothers Europe’s goal to deliver restructuring through the introduction of new capital. The emphasis is on building businesses through finance and to support management. The company has a myriad of techniques it can use for restructuring and each strategy will be looked at on an individual basis, whether it is refinancing the banks, supplying additional working capital to fund the restructure, providing mezzanine finance or underwriting payments to suppliers in order to procure enhanced credit terms.

For more information on Gordon Brothers Europe’s plans for the future, or to discuss its new capabilities in more detail, please contact a member of the Gordon Brothers Team.