Debt Financing

Gordon Brothers provides capital to companies in special situations on a fully collateralised basis.

The typical transaction size for Gordon Brothers is between £3 and £15m and can be denominated in GBP, EUR and USD. We have the ability to manage transactions, both large and small, and have the resources to arrange transactions requiring capital in excess of £75m per transaction, through our strategic partnership with Gordon Brothers Finance Company (GBFC).  

Gordon Brothers and GBFC enjoy an ongoing, exclusive partnership that provides GBFC with access to the industry knowledge and valuation expertise of the Gordon Brothers platform, whilst GBFC provides additional resources and capital to Gordon Brothers, when necessary.

We work together with management teams, Private Equity (PE) & strategic buyers, and ABLs, who often invite us into non-standard transactions when additional capital is required.

We are frequently involved in:

  • Bridge financing
  • Non-Core corporate carve-outs
  • Non-performing loan exits from lenders
  • PE/management led acquisitions out of insolvency
  • DIP finance/Managed exits
  • Distressed PE acquisitions